Makes one drink.

2 Oz dry gin
3/4 Oz fresh lemon juice
8-10 mint leaves
Chilled club soda
Glass: highball

Place mint leaves in shaker and gently muddle. Add the gin, lemon juice and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. 

Fill the shaker with large pieces of ice and shake gently—to keep from pulverizing the mint—for about 10 seconds. 

Double-strain into a highball glass filled with large cubes or an ice spear. 

Top with chilled club soda and garnish.

Roomie Rating (1-10):
 Ashley: 9
 David: 6
 Jess: 8
 Tyson: 7
 Average: 7.5

Roomie Tip: Substitute the club soda with Champagne

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